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UK-CENA season kicks off

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

A message from the SG

The only thing we're certain of right now is that this is an uncertain time. it might be tempting to move forward as if the strangeness is over and in the past, but realistically, we'll continue to see changes in the future. Be safe !!

Welcome to our platform .

Here below is "how I looked from a distance profile view" :)

My bicameral function as UK-CENA Secretary General (SG) and Director of Ideas and Caps parallel aligned with the objectives drafted by UK-CENA Co-founders' chart.

“My role is: to champion UK-CENA interdisciplinary initiative, modelling project by bringing gravitas on diversity, innovation and more for a sure Fit For Purpose Projects delivery.”

I count on your input to guide, correct and support this knowledge transferable Chanel. Please do comment, share and participate in our many events.

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