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Updated: Apr 20, 2021

What infrastructure should one buildt first in the Galapagos Islands? A tour de control or a lighthouse? A " project de grand envergure" require a favourable landscape and a community which is animated by its visions. I believe UK-CENA has the right condiments to succeed.

I m Training Eng. Viviane Kabamba UK-CENA proud Co-founder and Operation Director

Here at UK-CENA we developed a vision of operations and ethical way of doing things which permits me to design strategies tools which measured our short terms goals, and forecast our future sustainable goals (SG). Doing so , here is a constant though at the back of my head which reset all my priorities when coming to plan a project within the organisation:

“Designing a sustainable community-mark vision not to say the least hallmark .” is our mandatory first step. how to go about it:
Pick your Area of focus
Pick your timeframe
solicit feedback and input
review and revise

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