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Updated: Apr 20, 2021

"Our wright brothers moment" on workplace! One can hear on background, the shape of Papa Wemba Iconic anthem "la vie est belle" with the following totemic vernacular: Travaillez prenez de la peine, c'est le front qui manque le moins....... [ Mayele na masala (Oh la vie est belle) ], [Article 15, debrouillez vous pour vivre].

UK-CENA in perpetual motion


If he/she used to fix and tweak things in the house, disassembly a band new car or robot's toys, then he/she must be a DIY person. But if He/she does everything above with a recurrent motive, tooled with a metric set of ruler and a pencil end by a rubber, a note book therefore he/she is an inspiring engineer.

Sizing | Measuring | data recording | modelling | Testing | Producing a body of work that solve problem. This is Engineering from the profile view.

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